Ace Henderson


   From Brooklyn, New York to Raleigh, North Carolina artist and rapper Ace Henderson discovered his writing capabilities in the seventh grade and began recording music by eighth grade. In 2012 Henderson began production for his first critically acclaimed EP, Allen that debuted in March 2013. Since the release of his first body of work, Henderson has worked to create both a culture and lifestyle around the music. Through collaborations with local brands, photography projects, and music Henderson has been able to identify this culture as the "New South." This sub-culture lifestyle was at the hands of listeners around the nation wit the release of Suburbia in late 2013--where Henderson raps about the life growing up in the suburban neighborhoods of the south. The NEW SOUTH is not a genre, a rap crew or a company; the New South is a lifestyle. Henderson describes the New South as beacon for like-minded individuals that want to progress and push the envelope of personal empowerment. Although Henderson was born in the north he identifies closely with the Southern culture and he seeks to show to the world through music the potential that lies within the region in which he was raised.


We had the opportunity to shoot the first music video off of Ace's newest project coming out at the end of the summer.  What started as a very simple video turned into something pretty complex.  The creative collaboration on everyone's part spawned some pretty wild scenes.


We created a few short promotional videos for Ace to put out in anticipation of the project.


We tagged along to a few of Ace's shows to snap some pics.  If you haven't seen him perform live, we'd highly suggest it.

Where to find Ace Henderson: